Class Styles

A variety of classes gives you options to decide what type of movement you want and guarantees you will never plateau in your workout!


Infuses elements of strength training, pilates and yoga into a

60 min class. this class will have your muscles shaking when you hit the burn zone of our signature BARRE moves. 

Weaves intervals of cardio and strength training throughout our 60 min class. Low and high impact options will be given.

Be prepared to sweat!


Slower paced 60 min class putting emphasis on stretching and elongating the muscles with yoga and pilates inspired movements along with familiar exercises from our BURN class.


Using heavier weights and resistance bands to amp up the intensity of class. This class focuses on full range of motion with lower repetitions. 

BARRE with Baby

Allows parents to workout with baby in tow. Class is a classic BURN class with postnatal modifications guided by a certified post natal fitness instructor with options to wear baby during class. Crying, feeding and diaper changes are all welcomed!


Livestream options of our classes allows you to workout in the comfort of your home. All classes can be done in using the length of a yoga mat.

Community events


Focusing on maintaining strength and mobility using a combination of isometric movements and full range. Barre is a safe and effective workout guided by a certified Pre-Natal Fitness Specialist

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